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Tuesday / Thursday AM Class



The Tuesday/Thursday AM Class is designed for 3 year old children who have never attended school before and will be returning to preschool the following year.


Following is the schedule that we typically follow:


Classroom Helper Arrives (optional)

-helps prepare and set up for the day


9:15am- 9:25am

Student Arrival

-play with puzzles and read books until all children arrive


9:30am- 10:00am

Morning Meeting

-Pledge of Allegiance, calendar, weather bear, story, review letters, introduce new things


10:00am- 10:15am

Large Group Activity

-children do an activity as a large group such as practicing writing letters, craft, etc.


10:15am- 10:50am

Free Choice & Individual/Small Group Instruction

-children have time to play in the blocks, dramatic play, writing center, puzzles, library, kitchen, computer, etc.

-children are pulled aside for a few minutes for individual or small group instruction which could include working on letters or doing a craft


10:50am- 11:15am

Restroom Break & Snack

-children use the restroom as a group, wash hands and prepare to have snack.

-say a ‘thank you’ and thank child who brought the snack


11:15am- 11:30am

Large Motor Activity

-play outside on playground, parachute or instruments

-play inside by dancing, singing, musical chairs, hot potato, statue, etc.



Pack Up

-children prepare to go home


11:35am- 11:45am

Student Dismissal





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