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The Rootstown Cooperative Preschool began in 1981 as an effort to establish an enriching preschool environment for the children of our community.


Parents are a childís first and primary teacher.Active involvement in administering the program, contact with a trained teacher and a chance to become familiar with appropriate equipment and materials are part of a learning experience which helps parents in their role as a teacher of a child.



The overall goals of this program are:

*provide a warm, friendly environment which fosters feelings of belonging, self esteem and trustworthiness for each child


*assist the child in social, intellectual, physical and emotional development


*provide an enriching environment through a variety of experiences


*stimulate language development


*encourage perceptive listening skills




The Rootstown Cooperative Preschool is licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.




Our curriculum is designed to meet the Ohio Department of Educationís Early Learning Content Standards.


The children are taught material and skills that are needed to prepare them for entering into kindergarten.Some of the concepts taught include:

*Upper and Lower case letter recognition and Writing

*Phonics (letter sounds)

*Number recognition and Counting

*Shapes and Colors


*Patterning, Sequencing, Grouping


*Reading and Writing words through journaling





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